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The services provided by TeAmaré.com are for the exclusive use of people who have the legal capacity to contract or negotiate, understood in this way, adults with 18 years old (minimum). If our team checks the opposite situation, TeAmaré.com will reserve the right to immediately cancel the subscription. Please, if you are not 18-years-old or older, do not fill the register form.

When you subscribe as a member of TeAmaré.com and click the button "accept", you agree to the following terms and conditions:

   1.  You are entirely responsible for any information in your profile, like any other communication you have with other users or members at TeAmaré.com. You acknowledge that TeAmaré.com cannot watch the activities of members of the site because, it is virtually impossible. Therefore, the user accepts full responsibility for managing their behavior according to the applicable laws of its jurisdiction. In addition, the user acknowledges that TeAmaré.com is not legally responsible for the conduct of any of its users. TeAmaré.com explicitly accepts no responsibility for the actions of any of its users.

   2.  The user undertakes to not use the page TeAmaré.com as a tool for publishing offensive material, offensive language, sexually explicit material (photos, videos, and everything related to transmit information electronically). If TeAmaré.com gets to prove this behavior, the page will reserve the right to immediately cancel the subscription.

   3.  The user accepts the privacy rights of other users, therefore, he will not insist when someone has asked to leave the communication.

   4.  You acknowledge that risk exists in the Internet and another user can create false appearances of his profile, so TeAmaré.com warns you about these risks and is not responsible for these publications. However, TeAmaré.com ensures the initial information for all members with the symbol or sign of “verified”. TeAmaré.com is not responsible for any changes made by the user in terms of personal information. Therefore, the user acknowledges that verification of information is difficult and TeAmaré.com cannot confirm the accuracy of any user data.

   5. Each user agrees for their own safety, to not provide personal information that identifies you as such in public TeAmaré.com pages, such as phone number, home address, email address, number of Messenger (change) remove, ICQ, or any other information. Therefore, each user is individually responsible for the information provided, freeing TeAmaré.com of any claim, demand, action or proceeding brought against TeAmaré.com, as well as compensate for such failure. Likewise, if the time of registration in the field of free space that gives the user were to post personal information as indicated above, TeAmaré.com reserves the right to edit this information for not to be published.

   6.  TeAmaré.com reserves the right to cancel the subscription to any user accused by government authorities or involved in any illegal or criminal activity. The user frees TeAmaré.com from any loss or damage which may incur a reason for such termination of service and therefore you waive all rights you might have now or in the future against TeAmaré.com.

   7.  TeAmaré.com reserves the right in its unilateral discretion to amend, modify or change the policies and conditions of this contract and such changes shall be deemed as acceptable when they are posted on the Site and without any obligation to notify or obtain User's consent.

   8.  In a conflict can occur between users, you agree to, release and indemnify TeAmaré.com (partners, affiliates, employees, agents, etc. ..) from any claim, demand and all damages that might arise. If TeAmaré.com feels that your information can produce to us any responsibility, or it may cause the loss (in whole or part) of access to the services of our Internet access providers or other providers, TeAmaré.com can eliminate or change in the smaller cases all or part of you information.

   9.  The user has the obligation to act in accordance with good faith and good habits to ensure your information is not defamatory, unlawful, threatening, etc. and does not contain child pornography.

   10. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Miami-Florida. The parties expressly agree to be bound by the regulations of this State, submitting to the interpretation and enforcement of obligations under this contract, as equally subject to the jurisdiction of such city expressly waiving any other forum that, by reason of domicile or neighborhood or any other cause, might correspond.

   11. In any of these terms is invalid or cannot run in any jurisdiction, then, the remaining provisions shall continue to have effect in such jurisdiction and shall be construed in favor of TeAmaré.com, this should not affect the validity and enforceability of this contract.

   12. TeAmaré.com is not responsible for ensuring that users follow the policies and conditions, although these terms define the behavior that is unacceptable on the service.

   13. This contract sets the entire understanding and agreement between TeAmaré.com and you about the subject. The policies and conditions of this Agreement may be amended, only by written document, properly signed by the President of TeAmaré.com.

   14. The parties state that they have read and fully understood this agreement and its legal consequences, and run it on the day and year set out above, without some defect in the will.